Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New Over The TV Decor

I recently received 3 old window panes from my husband's aunt who was generously giving them away after redoing all the windows in her house.  I have always loved decorating with window panes (as seen by the one hanging over our bed filled with wedding pictures) and knew I wanted to display them in our house somewhere they would really be seen and enjoyed. I always liked the metal design hanging over our TV, but felt like it looked too small above the TV and either needed something to hang with it or needed to hang somewhere else. So I decided to move it to our hallway...

Here it is in its new location

In its place I hung my new window panes!

What do you think?

I do wish our ceilings were a few inches higher so there would be a few inches of wall space separating the TV from the bottom of the panes, but otherwise I think it looks great and I really like the change.

Here is a slightly less blurry photo taken while it was light out.