Saturday, October 29, 2011

Light Green Pillow With White Fabric Flowers

I had someone on Etsy request my green pillow with cream flowers, but to make the flowers white instead and here is how it turned out. I think I like it even better than the one with cream. There seems to be more of a contrast between the two colors.

So now it is available on Etsy in cream or white with a background of green, blue, brown, or yellow

Saturday, October 22, 2011

My New DIY Dining Room Rug!

I saw this rug on pinterest from this blog:
So I decided to challenge myself and make my own in green. Here is how it all turned out...
So I decided in order to save some moolah I would use an old rug I had in my freshmen dorm in college. For the paint I used some green wall paint that I had left over from my college days as well. It was orginially used to paint my bathroom in my apartment 4 years ago. Here is a before shot of the rug with the stencil and green marker beside it.
 I printed out this pattern, which I found on the blog I mentioned above, blown up to about the size of a regular piece of paper. Then I cut out the white section and traced it so I had two. Then I taped the two together to make one complete circular shape as seen below.
 I pinned the stencil to the rug and traced it with a green sharpie since I was planning on painting the rug with green paint. I wanted to make sure any of the marker that showed through was at least a similar color.
 If you look very very close you can see the rug once I finally finished stenciling. Sorry the picture did not turn out quite as well as I had planned. It was a little dark in the room.
Let the painting begin!!! I used a very small paint brush (about 1/2 '' wide) so I could paint all of the angles without going outside of the lines and this took forever. While I was painting I started wondering if I could have somehow spray painted it or used a roller. I was too nervous to try and then ruin the rug so I stuck to my trusty tiny paint brush.
And 29 hours of hard work later here is my beautiful rug!! I was pretty happy with the results, even if it did take almost my whole week to complete it.

And here it is looking perfect in my dining room. What do you think?

For More DIY projects inspired by Pinterest check out the "Pinterest Challenge" at a few of my new favorite blogs: YoungHouseloveBowerPower, AnnaWhiteHomemaker and HouseOfEarnest

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Geometric Pillow


This pillow is made out of brown duck canvas (100% cotton) with a white cotton geometric design appliqued onto the front with white cotton thread. The pillow is already stuffed with poly fil so there is no need to purchase a pillow insert. It is available at thefolksart store in downtown Milledgeville, GA or on Etsy

Monday, October 3, 2011

Cream Colored Fabric Flowers On Light Green Lumbar Pillow-available in other colors

Close up

Available color options

This pillow is made of a light green 100% cotton duck canvas. The flowers are handmade and made out of muslin. It is already stuffed with poly fil so there is no need to buy a pillow insert. The pillow is also available in light blue and yellow.

Dimensions: 12''x20''

Available at TheFolksArt store in downtown milledgeville, GA and on Etsy