Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dining Room Wall Collage- By Jad and Grace

We took down the unfinished three paintings by Jad and replaced them with this awesome collage of frames and other fun memorabilia. We were mostly inspired by the collage I saw on one of my favorite blogs, younghouselove. All of the frames started out black/gold/wooden except one, so a big part of this project was painting all the frames white, except for a few silver ones. What do you think??

We quickly whipped up this peice of wall art using a small canvas I had stored away in my craft room, a rectangle of cork board we had left over from the maps (seen below), some wine bottle caps we have collected since being married, and a hot glue gun to glue it all together. I loved the final result and think it adds a nice 3-D element to our dining room wall collage.

Below is an assortment of matchbooks I have collected throughout my life, mostly from thrift shops and antique stores, as well as our wedding! I simply glued them onto a small unpainted canvas.

This is one of Jad's favorite prose poems, "What Reconciles Me", by John Berger that we cut out of his book and framed.

Here is a cartoon we cut out of Jad's childhood Calvin and Hobbes book.

The next three photos are of some of my favorite fabrics framed, including one from an old shirt that unfortunately shrank.

Here is a really cool old horse shoe I bought at "Auntie Bellum's Attic", a great antique store here in Milledgeville. When I was checking out I was told it was good luck to hang it facing upward above your door. I didn't hang it above our door, but I did at least hang it facing sort of upward.

Here's one of my favorites, not only because I like the painting and the colors, but also because it is painted by my mom, Julie Jones. She is a great water color artist who designs stationary with her many beautiful paintings.

Our wedding invitation! No need to explain the significance here.

This is the first dollar bill I gave Jad right before we started dating to pay him back after bowling so he wouldn't think I just assumed it was a date. He still had it when we got married.

We backed maps of each continent, from a calendar full of vintage maps, on cork board and used different colored pins to show places only I had been, places only he had been, and places we had both been. 

This is probably my favorite item, mostly because I have been saving up movie tickets for so long to be able to make this. It's a cork board filled with all (or at least the ones where I remembered to keep the ticket stub) the movies we've been to together. And there's even space for a few more!

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