Tuesday, September 4, 2012

DIY framed and fabric covered bulletin board

Inspired by two of my favorite blogs:


I decided to make my own fabric covered cork board.

Here's how I did it:

Shopping List:
~pretty frame
~1-2 foam core boards (depending on how large your frame is)
~duct Tape
~x acto knife

1. Removed the glass from my frame (I just used an old frame that a friend of mine was getting rid of)

2. Laid out my two foam core boards side by side

2. Taped the boards together with duct tape

3. Added more tape for extra reinforcement

4. Traced around the old glass in the frame with a pencil onto the boards

5. Cut out traced area with my x-acto knife

6. Ironed by fabric and laid my foam core board on it and cut it out so that it was about 2 '' wider than the board all around. I also made sure the fabric the pattern was straight

7. Taped the fabric up around the board using duct tape, making sure the fabric was taut

8. Inserted the fabric covered foam core boards into the frame

9. Taped the board into the frame with duct tape

10. Hung my board (and added grey fabric embellishment left over from a pillow)

So far I've only added a few things to my board, but I'm sure it will be full very soon. I'm planning on tacking mostly pillow inspirations on the board.

And here is how the board looks from far away. In an earlier post I had mentioned hanging it above the table my sewing machine sits on, since then I realized it would be too inconvenient to tack things onto the board because I would have to lean so far over the table to reach it. Also you might notice there is a pink set of shutters where my fabric shelves used to hang, unfortunately the shelves fell off the wall in a very sad and dramatic moment. Right now the fabric is lining the room in boxes while I look for a book shelf to house my fabric. The calendar that did hang above the ironing board now hangs above my sewing table.

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