Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How To Make Your Own "Places We've Been" Map

What you will need:

1. 6-7 square canvases for each continent. We didn't include Antartica because we're guessing we'll never make it there.  
2. Double sided tape
3. Different colored pins (at least 3 different colors)
4. Map of each continent (we got ours out of a vintage calendar so they were already in square shapes)
5. Ruler
6. Pen
7. Scissors

Cut out your maps and place them on the cork board to see how much cork board you need to cut off. Then with a ruler draw a line to mark where you need to cut the cork board and use scissors to cut it. Using double sided tape, stick the map onto the cork board.

Place pins in all the places you've been. Since my husband and I were both doing it we used pink to signify the places I had been, blue for the places he had been, and white for the places we both had been.

Hang it on your wall (we used pins) and you're done!

Check out how great it looks in our wall collage: