Sunday, July 21, 2013

Wooden Cable Reel Update

I decided I was tired of the plain wood look, and wanted some color on my cable reel (I originally talked about here). 

I sat and stared at my porch for awhile, trying to think of what color would look best with everything else and decided to try to match the color of my hanging door flower holder.

So with my picture of the flower holder in hand, I went to Lowes and picked out Valspar's Surf Spray and bought a sample size of it, which ended up being the perfect amount. I think the color was a little less green, but I think it still looks good.

Here's how my table looks now. As you can see the bottom rim is unpainted. I ran out of paint at that point, but decided not to buy more because I thought it made it look more interesting and it matches the rug color.

I also decided not to paint the bolts because I like how the rust makes it looks more like an antique and gives it a little more personality than a regular table.

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