Thursday, April 26, 2012

Painted Shutter with Picture Frames

My mother in law had this hiding away in their barn (along with our wonderful new dresser) not being used and said I could have it. I was very excited because I love decorating with shutters and I saw a picture on pinterest where someone had hung picture frames from their shutter and I'd been wanting to do this ever since.  Here is the shutter, fresh out of the barn still dressed for christmas and carrying lots of dust and dirt.

The wall on the right is the place I had in mind to hang the shutter.

 I cleaned it off and laid it down on an old sheet that I use to paint with (I would not recommend doing this if you care a lot about the rug underneath, there were a few paint leaks when I lifted the sheet).

Using my Valspar gloss black paint, left over from another furniture painting project, and my sponge brush I proceeded to paint the shutter one slat at a time. 

An hour or so later I was finished painting the top side, but still needed to paint the sides. I rigged up a nice little stand using from things around my design room (rolls of ribbon) so that I was able to paint the shutter sides without painting the sheet too. I left the back of the shutter unpainted since no one would be seeing that side anyway.

 After letting the shutter dry over night it was time to hang my picture frames on it by tying wire through the hangers on the back of the frames and the shutter slats. Here's the finished project. The black and white pictures are our parents when they were younger and the picture in the middle is of us on our wedding day. I'm thinking about changing that out to a black and white picture too. I'd also like to get a fun new knob to replace the silver one.

And here it is zoomed out a bit.

What do you think?

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