Friday, November 11, 2011

DIY Upholstered Lamp Shade

I was inspired by two different blogs for this DIY project: YoungHouseLove as well as one I found on pinterest called ALittleGlassBox.

Here's what I was going for, only I used burlap instead of linen.

I chose to use this tiny lamp that I bought for 2 dollars at a yard sale. 
First I measured the width and length of the lamp shade and cut out a piece of burlap 4 inches longer and wider.

I pulled it tight around the lamp shade so i had it exactly how i wanted it to fit and then glued on one side with a hot glue gun.

Next I pinned the other side in place and trimmed off the excess burlap so that it was about 1.5 inches over the top and bottom of the shade.

Then I folded the burlap down twice around the edges so that the raw edge wasn't exposed and glued it down in small 1 inch increments so the glue wouldn't dry before I got it down. I had to cut a small slit when I came across the metal rods that attach to the light bulb. 

I did this around the bottom as well. As you can see the lamp shade did not come off the lamp, so that was a little difficult to work around.

Before I got to the very end of gluing down the top and bottom edges, I folded down the other end of the verticle edge as straight as possible, which ended up not being too straight, and glued this down.

Then I glued down the rest of the top and bottom.

Next I had my friend, who has better hand writing than me, write a poem around the lamp shade with a sharpie. We quickly discovered how hard it is to write on burlap, so it's a little bit hard to read, but I like  the over all effect.




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