Friday, May 10, 2013

Spring Pinterest Challange - Jar Vases

Side note: Sorry for the lack of posts lately! Our house was broken into in February and my computer was stolen, which has made it a bit hard to get a computer to blog from. Since then we have thankfully installed a security system and are feeling much safer!

Moving on to happier things...The spring pinterest challenge!! I have been busy with lots of wedding crafts lately as my cousin just got married last weekend. For her shower and her wedding I made her decorative jars used as vases at the shower and candle holders at the wedding. I was inspired by a few pictures I pinned on pinterest.

Here is one of the picture I pinned:

From here 

This was a very quick and simple pinterest challenge. I bought a pack of Jars at Walmart for about $8. The rest of the supplies I had on hand, so it was a very cheap project too.

scraps of fabric/burlap/jute/anything you want to wrap around your jar
Glue Gun
Glue sticks

This is a very self explanatory craft. I basically just wrapped different scraps of fabric and string around my jars and either glued or tied it. I tried to add multiple layers to add interest and keep each jar a little different. I kept the colors pretty neutral to go with my cousin's vintage themed wedding.

 Here are the nine jars I ended up with.

And here is one of the Jars at the Shower

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