Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Covering a barrel shaped lampshade

I finally bought new lamp shades for our bedroom and covered them! I have been in search of decently priced white barrel lamp shades for a few months and when I was at Lowe's last week I came across the exact lamp shades I wanted priced at just $10! Turns out they were supposed to be marked at $15, but they had the wrong tag on them. Thankfully they honored the $10 price tag saving me $10! 
I already had the fabric I wanted to cover the shades with, which I bought at It's a green ikat print to tie in with the green on my bedroom dresser. 

What you need:
~hot glue gun
~glue sticks
~lamp shade

Here's how I made did it...

I laid the lamp shade on the fabric in the middle of the fabric about 5 inches from the top and rolled the shade as I lightly traced the curve it made with a pencil. I traced the curve several inches longer on each end to make sure I had enough left over to fold over at the end.

Then I cut the fabric out about 1 inch from the line I drew.

Next I wrapped the fabric around the shade and pinned the fabric tight around the shade.

Using my hot glue gun I glued the fabric to the bottom of the shade first by folding over the fabric about 1/2 inch so that the raw edge was no longer exposed. I left about 3 inches unglued at the seam of the shade.

Then I glued the fabric to the top of the shade. When I got to the metal rods I cut a 3/4'' slit in the fabric where the rods were. I left 3 inches at the seam unglued at the top as well.

I folded back the excess fabric on each side right over the shades seam line. Then using my 2 inch wide clear ruler I placed the ruler over the fabric with the middle of the ruler right over the seam line and drew a line on each side of the seam so it was 1 inch out on each side. 

I cut the fabric on the lines.

Glued down the first side.

I folded down the second side over the shade trying to make a straight line. I marked the fold by pressing it down until there was a visible fold line in the fabric.

Then I glued the ends to the insides of the frame.

Finally I glued down the outer seam and I was done!

And here is what they look like in our bedroom

 And here is the dresser they are supposed to tie in with.

And a quick little before and after shot with the bedroom before, the bedroom with the old lamp shades, and the bedroom with the new lamp shades:

I hope you enjoyed learning how to cover a barrel shaped lamp shade and I hope all of my directions made since. Feel free to ask questions if they don't and post pictures if you make your own!


  1. Grace this looks so simple and easy! Gonna try and do mine tonight and I'll let you know how they turn out! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Awesome! Yes it was VERY easy and doable. I can't wait to hear how it goes!