Saturday, February 4, 2012

Design Room Revamp

Since we moved into our house in August I haven't put much time or thought into making my design room functional or cute in anyway, so it usually just looks like a big mess. A couple of weeks ago I decided it was time to do something about it. My biggest problem was I had a lot of fabric and nowhere to put it, so all the fabric that wouldn't fit on my little green bookshelf just sat in piles around the room.  We had some extra wall shelves lying around the house and I decided they would be perfect to put my fabric on and finally get some order in the room.

Here is the corner before shelves (I forgot to take a before picture until right after I finished screwing in the first set of brackets, so imagine they're not there yet).

As you can see, junk piles were everywhere

I cleared off the sewing table and found homes for all the things that were piling up there. Another recent addition to the room that has helped greatly in making the room more functional is this blue desk that my sister couldn't fit into her apartment, so she lent it to us. I have made it into my mail/ribbon/paint/pens/paint brushes/miscellaneous station. Next I want to get a giant framed cork board to put over the table and paint it a fun color and pin up inspirational designs. I'd like to find a good deal on one at some place like the thrift shop, I'm hoping to spend $20 tops.

And here is my favorite part: As you can see the shelves are hung and the fabric is all organized and in one area. I also put some nails in the wall to hang all of my rulers. My ironing board fit perfectly in the space between the book shelf and is no longer taking up unnecessary space in the middle of the room. I hung a white lantern because the room has horrible lighting. Also to add a little color and an artsy touch I hung an old calendar that has fun and inspiring graphic prints.

My dress form is now in a much more functional location so that it is now more accessible.

Here's a close up of all my miscellaneous gadgets on the desk.

A nice shot of the inside where all of my mailing materials live.

Another angle so you can really see how lovely my fabric corner looks now.

Close up on my new lantern and hanging rulers.

So there you have it! I am totally loving it and it has been about two weeks and it still looks this clean! It's so much easier to keep a functional and organized space clean because everything has a place and I don't have an excuse to just add it to the pile on the floor anymore.

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  1. omg more awsome and awe inspiring than I thot ! You did a super orderly and yet fun and inviting !